HotSpot ACDC12c interconnecté au réseau

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Climatiseur/thermopompe Solaire Hybride Hotspot ACDC12C 12.000BTU, peut refroidir ou chauffer sur x3 ou x6 panneaux solaires de 300/360 watts (en journée, sans batteries) et être mixé à une source de courant 240Vac (Hydro ou système d'onduleur hors-réseau 120/240Vac de type Magnum PAE, Outback Power ou Schneider Electric SW/XW) pour supplémenter le manque d'énergie solaire lors de passages nuageux ou nuit. Entrée 960W DC, panneaux solaires non inclus.

Description du produit

During the day the ACDC12C can run exclusively on solar power with no AC power or grid connection when solar is strong enough. The maximum speed/capacity will be based on the level of available solar power available. If also connected to AC power source, the unit can run at full speed whenever needed, and will add in just enough AC power, if/as needed, while still primarily using available solar DC power. The HotSpot engineering team created the world’s first DC solar air conditioner in 2007 and has led the world in solar AC design and quality manufacturing for more than 10 years. We are pleased to offer our 5th generation solar AC, the model ACDC12C. Like our previous solar hybrid versions, the ACDC12, and ACDC12B, the ACDC12C blends solar DC power directly with AC power to deliver a seamless cooling or heating experience while making the best use of free DC solar power. But unlike previous versions, the ACDC12C does not require an AC backup connection to operate during good sunlight conditions. During the day it can operate on 100% solar power.

When connected to both solar and an optional AC power source, the ACDC12C only uses small amounts of power from the utility company, if and as needed. Hybrid operation eliminates the need for batteries and allows use of the system 24 hours per day. The system primarily uses solar power, and mixes it with normal AC power, if available, at times when solar availability is reduced due to clouds, overcast sky, or at night. When a grid connection is present, the ACDC12C can use all of the available solar power before using any contribution from the grid and should have 3x 72-cell solar panels. If no AC connection is available, the ACDC12C estimates the amount of solar power available in real time based on panel voltage and reduces its speed to match the estimated amount of available solar power, less a buffer to prevent brownout or frequent cycling on/off. The brownout/cycling buffer can be as high as, or more than, 50%, so for a fully offgrid application we suggest 6x 72-cell panels as being optimal. Of course, the unit will not run without an AC connection in low sunlight conditions, or at night. The ACDC12C includes a digital power display so you can get an idea of how much AC and/or DC power is being used in the system. We also have an ACDC18C that works in a similar manner and should have 4 panels for normal grid connected use, and 6-7 connected 72-cell panels when used without grid power.
For home or office use, this system can cool an area for free with up to 100% of the energy coming from sunlight. In addition to cooling, the ACDC12C solar heat pump will provide solar powered heating, operating all the way down to an outside ambient temperature of 5 ⁰F. No matter how far north or south you are, this is the right system for you. No net metering needed. Single indoor unit.


« Très bonne référence dans le domaine des systèmes d'énergie renouvelable. En plus d'avoir beaucoup d'expérience, ils sont fort sympathiques. Un gros merci pour les explications, les conseils et les recommandations! »

Julie et Sébastien


« C’est un réel bonheur de vivre avec un système de Solaire Laurentides! Qu’il soit disponible aussitôt le chalet construit, ça nous a encouragé à réaliser notre rêve de vivre en forêt. Merci pour ton expertise et ta bonne humeur! »

Myrande et Jean Claude


« En 2011, nous avons construit une résidence secondaire en plein bois, sans possibilité de services électriques d’Hydro-Québec. Avant de procéder à la construction, nous avons fait appel aux services de Solaire Laurentides. Nous avons reçu de très bons conseils afin de nous permettre de rencontrer nos besoins en énergie. Il nous a accompagné et nous a fait des propositions adéquates pour le dimensionnement d’un système solaire sur mesure. »

Jacques et Sylvie